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User Manual


Plaissit is a viewing program which can be used for Presentation, Comparison between Photos. The program allows Selection & Grouping of files which can be saved as a Playlist or Printed.


The Plaissit purpose is to assist users to make a selection from a set of similar items. Plaissit is trying to resolve the problem of easily selecting items from a large set. For example a group of items can be a folder of images, selected images from that image group can be displayed by the program.


The screen is divided into three main areas; the resource frame on left, the selection frame at the centre, and the control panel at the right.

Plaissit selection of images

The set or resource frame displays the contents of that set, e.g. images from a folder that Plaissit is pointing at. Selected items from the resource list can be easily dragged and copied into the main selection panel. Items of the selection panel create a Plaissit selection list. A selection list can be saved stored or printed.

Resources can be folders or directories, network, or database resources.

Finally the right hand panel contains control operation buttons for the current selected item list, such as Save, Clear All, Waste Basket and Print selection.


Once open, Plaissit can be directed to look at any location or folder in the host computer. The program will then scan that location for items, e.g. images, and will load the contents of that location as thumbnail images into the left side panel of the screen as Thumbnails list.

Individual Thumbnails can be dragged to the centre of the screen where they will Automatically Resize, and create a selection of images. Selected images in the main panel create a Plaissit selection list which can then be saved and loaded at a later point.

In a similar way selected images from the main panel can be deleted, e.g. dragged into the waste bin, or clear the whole selection.

Note: Plaissit does not modify any of the original images, for this reason the actual images listed in the thumbnail section will not be deleted or modified. A selected image from the main panel can be only removed from the current Plaissit selection list

Displaying a selected image at full size

Any of the displayed items, either on the thumbnail list or the main selection can be displayed in full size.

Control Panel

The control panel at the right hand side of the application window and includes the following control buttons:

  • Save, this button saves the current selection displayed on the main panel.
  • Rescan, rescans the specified resource location, e.g. image folder.
  • Clear, clears the current selection from the main panel.
  • Print, print the current selection.
  • Waste Bin, selected items from the main panel can be removed from the current selection.

File Menu

The file menu includes the following:

  • Scan Folder, allows a user to specify a resource location, e.g. an image folder, for scanning.
  • Open Selection, opens an existing, e.g previously saved, Plassit selection.
  • Save Selection, it saves the current selection.
  • Save Selection As, it saves the current selection with a user defined name, e.g. my-selection.
  • Print, sends the main panel contents into a printer.
  • Exit, terminates the Plassit application.

Help Menu

Help contents for the Plassit application.